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Landscape Planning in the Ukraine

Project information
Landscape Planning in the Ukraine (LaPlaU)
Counselling Program of Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Project partners
Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IfG NAWU), Kiew, Prof. Dr. Leonid Rudenko, Dr. Eugenia Maruniak

Hage + Hoppenstedt Partner Hannover, Prof. Adrian Hoppenstedt (consultation)

TU Dresden, Institute for Landscape Architecture, teaching and research field landscape planning, Prof. Dr. Catrin Schmidt (consultation)

Sochava Institute of Geography of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IfG SA RAW), Irkutsk, Prof. Yurij Semenov (consultation)

10/2010 - 05/2014
Research associate
Dipl.-Ing. Anja May
Project lead
Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiland
External links
Project information in the project database of the Advisory Assistance Programme (German)

Project information (English)

German summary of the project results:


Website of the Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Description and Results

Land use issues such as land consumption, soil erosion and degradation, a shrinking economy and population, and the lack of harmonization between the conservation of biodiversity and various land uses have been and still are typical for many parts of Ukraine. The country does not have any legally binding, synchronized planning instruments to solve such land use conflicts, to identify areas for the national network of protected areas, to ensure and restore a high environmental quality and for sustainable development (status 2010). Within the project, a German-Russian team of consultants provided the Ukrainian partners with the scientific and methodological foundations for preventive, comprehensive landscape planning with a cross-sectoral approach. The project was directed both at the scientists of the Institute of Geography of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and at the responsible ministries and administrations of the three model areas.

The transferability of methods and contents of German landscape planning to the Ukrainian situation was practically tested on three planning levels. This resulted in the following plans: Landscape programme for Cherkassy oblast (M 1:200,000), landscape master plan for Kaniv district (M 1:50,000) and local landscape plan for Stepancy municipality (M 1:10,000). With regard to a nomination as UNE-SCO biosphere reserve, an additional zoning proposal at a scale of 1:100,000 was prepared for the Kanivs'kiy Zapovednik protected area. In order to support the creation of respective plans in other regions of Ukraine, the results from the three model areas were incorporated into a planning guide. In this guide, landscape planning contents and methods are presented, particularly their transferability and usability in other Ukrainian municipalities and regions.


Rudenko, L.; Marunyak, E.; Golubtsov, O.; Lisovskiy, S.; Chekniy, V.; Farion, Y.; Heiland, S.; May, A. (2014): Landšaftne planuvannja v Ukrajiny. (dt. Übersetzung: Landschaftsplanung in der Ukraine). Kiev. Institute of Geography of the NAS Ukraine. (in ukrainischer Sprache). https://igu.org.ua/sites/default/files/pdf-text/land-planning.pdf

Heiland, S., May. A. (2009): Landšaftnoe planirovanie – instrument upreždenija ėkologičeskich problem territorii. (dt. Übersetzung: Landschaftsplanung – Ein Instrument der flächenbezogenen Umweltvorsorge). In: Ukrainian Geographical Journal 4 (68): 3-10. Verlag Akademperiodika. Kiew. (in ukrainischer Sprache).

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