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Evaluation of German National Parks – Summarizing assessment

Project information
Evaluation of German National Parks – Summarizing assessment

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Europarc Deutschland

2011 - 2012
Project lead

Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiland

Description and Results

From 2009 to 2012, a voluntary evaluation of the management quality of all German national parks was carried out for the first time. It was based on previously defined quality criteria and standards. The evaluation revealed the individual strengths and weaknesses of each national park and also included recommendations for action to secure the successes achieved as well as for future improvement. Europarc Deutschland and the responsible evaluation committee submitted a report for each national park. A summarizing analysis of these individual reports provides an overview of the management quality of German national parks. An important positive result is the increased acceptance of the parks in their respective regions. On the other hand, the staffing of the national park administrations is often inadequate to deal with central tasks. The national park administrations as well as the responsible ministries considered the evaluation process to be very helpful for their future work.


Europarc Deutschland (Hrsg., 2013): Managementqualität deutscher Nationalparks. Ergebnisse der ersten Evaluierung der deutschen Nationalparks. Berlin. Berichterstellung und Redaktion: S. Heiland, Redaktion: A. Hoffmann, S. Wied. Unter Mitarbeit von M. Bauer, A. Hoffmann, V. Knoke, U. Meßner, V. Scherfose, K.F. Sinner, S. Wagner. Download

Heiland, S.; Hoffmann, A. (2013): Erste Evaluierung der deutschen Nationalparks: Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse. In: Natur und Landschaft 88 (7): 303-308. Bonn-Bad Godesberg. Download

Heiland, S.; Hoffmann, A.; Wied, S. (2012): Evaluation of German National Parks. EUROPARC Germany e. V. Download

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