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Current Informations

Further development of quality criteria and standards for German national parks


At the beginning of October, the first meeting of the Project Advisory Group (PAG) for the R&D project "Further Development of Quality Criteria and Standards for German National Parks" took place. Its aim is to improve the voluntary evaluation procedure of national parks and to increase the coherence of the underlying criteria, standards and questions. At the PAG meeting, the objectives and contents of the project were discussed and the further procedure determined. Prof. Heiland accompanies the project as an external expert on the basis of his experience from the initial and interim evaluation of the national parks. The project is carried out by EUROPARC Germany e.V., the umbrella organisation for large-scale conservation areas in Germany, in close cooperation with the German national parks and federal states, supervised by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. It will be completed by the end of 2020.

'Handbuch Landschaft' (Handbook Landscape) published


In July 2019 the comprehensive Handbook 'Handbuch Landschaft' (Landscape) was published. On 900 pages more than 70 contributions examine various facets of the topic.

Also included is a chapter on 'Cultural Landscape' written by Stefan Heiland. First, it provides an overview of various current understandings of cultural landscapes and thereafter advocates for viewing cultural landscapes in their global context and utilizing them as objects reflecting the (non-)sustainability of societal lifestyles and economic practices.

DNT Journal 2019 published


The DNT Journal with the written versions of many lectures held at the German Nature Conservation Conference 2018 has now been published (https://www.deutscher-naturschutztag.de/veroeffentlichungen/dnt-journal/dnt-journal-2019/). Among other things, it contains an essay by Stefan Heiland on the future of landscape planning under changing societal conditions (Link to article only).

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Current Publications

Heiland, S. (2019): Kulturlandschaft. In: Kühne, O. et al. (Hrsg.): Handbuch Landschaft. Wiesbaden. S. 651 – 666. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-25746-0

Heiland, S. (2019): Gegen Marginalisierung und Verstummen. Zur Zukunft der Landschaftsplanung unter sich verändernden gesellschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen. In: DNT-JOURNAL 2019, S. 145 - 153. (Download)

Heiland S., Weidenweber J., Ward Thompson C. (2019): Linking Landscape Planning and Health. In: Marselle M., Stadler J., Korn H., Irvine K., Bonn A. (Hrsg.): Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change. S. 425-448. Springer, Cham. (Download)

Braeckevelt, E.; Heiland, S.; Schliep, R.; Sukopp, U., Trautmann, S.; Züghart, W. (2018): Indikatoren zu Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die biologische Vielfalt Stand und Perspektiven am Beispiel von Meereszooplankton und Vögeln in Deutschland. In: Natur und Landschaft, 93, 2018, S. 538 – 544.

Schliep, R.; Walz, U.; Sukopp, U.; Heiland, S. (2018): Indicators on the Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity in Germany—Data Driven or Meeting Political Needs? In: Sustainability, 2018, 10, 39-59. Download